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You asked I answered :)

Hello and welcome to my very corner of the internet! I didn't want to answer every question on the story cuz no one likes a 30 slide long story. bleh. And I also feel like instagram is a hole sometimes and getting "content" (stupid word) else where is punk rock as fuck! so without further ado

  1. How did you start screen printing?

I was moving from LA to Philadelphia and stopped in Detroit to see some friends and they got me a summer job for a month working at a print shop. then I just ended up staying and have been doing it for 3-4 years

2. you ever make hats and beanies?

Yeah! not that often but I do. Come fall you'll see some beanies. and hats will be made when I have the right idea

3. update on the camera?

as of rn I have no clue. ha! yeah tis' a damn shame. sorry mitchie

4. next drop?

I wish I knew. give me like 2-3 weeks

5. hidden talents?

I wouldn't say I'm excellent at the things but I play guitar and drums sometimes. more so guitar. the peoples instrument! anyone can pick up the thing and be ripping and rocking in like 2 weeks I suggest you should. also my internal compass is really good. I always know where I'm at.

6. Can I swap a pair of pants I make for a t-shirt I'm broke.

I know exactly how to fix this problem. In three simple steps. first sell your pants that you make. then transfer the measly $25 my t-shirts cost and lastly send it to me on PayPal to and I will gladly send you a t-shirt ;)

7. do you fingerboard?

Yeah! pretty damn good if I do say so myself hahaha!

8. Top 3 midwest emo bands?

I don't really like emo all that much but some of my friends do. Idk can't say

9. what blanks do you use?

I don't really have a consistent brand choice but more so the weight of the shirt. COVID messed up a lot of wholesalers inventory so for the past year its been like. Jerzees, Hanes pro print, gildan heavyweight, gildan hammer, bayside, gas station t-shirts lol. As long as its a lil thicker and fits good I don't see a problem with most blank brands.

10. worst part about running this business?

Really just shipping out orders and dealing with the USPS. Or trying to fulfill a promise to ship something out to a homie but sometimes things get piled on top of the other and the homie doesn't end up getting it and I look like an idiot. But I try my best and that's all anyone can do.

11. plastisol or water based?

I rock with both but mostly plastisol. I use water based for posters and stickers. and the boards but the water base doesn't really work that well on wood. oh well, still learning! never stopping.

12. next collaborations?

I don't know at the moment. kinda just do my thing until something pops up.

13. fav thing about making clothes.

Ehhh... I don't make clothes. I make graphics and the screen print them on to blanks. Hanes makes clothes. One day if the opportunity comes I'd like to be able to cut and sew my own shit but that's big baller type stuff and I don't really care about that cuz I'm not there. YET!!

14. Gas station snack choice?

ummm not in any order but depending on how I'm feeling I like coke a sprite and sparkling water like san Pellegrino and I like takis and sour sghetti. also cherry slurpee with coke mixed.

15. when's Canada/ international shipping happening.

this next drop I will try and broaden my shipping. so be ready ;)

16. Got an official team?

nope. stunt is just things I make. my friends are just always wearing it

17. fav blink song

untitled off dude ranch is dope. degenerate is also very dope. ben wah balls is sick as shit!

18. Ever use CMYK printing process?

Nah but I've been planning on it.

19. favorite skate shoe

the GT blazer is literally the perfect skate shoe. black suede white swoosh plain and simple so steezy. I'm pretty sure no one would be pissed if you wore them at a wedding or funeral or something.

20. Can you do shirts for my band?


I cut it short at 20 questions cuz there was a fuck ton more to respond to but does anyone wanna read that much? no but seriously this was dope! thank you for coming to the most punk rock corner of the internet.

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