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Update #2

Hi! I'd like to thank those who take the time to read these blogs because it's my alternative way to address things, and Ideas, or just general shit talking. I'm heavily opinionated and I spiral into topics but I try my best to keep it on the strait and narrow. I think of these blogs as time capsules per se. I don't think I'll get rid of the ". com" anytime soon so they're like lil blips into the past of what I was on then Y'know? And for those who do read these you are kinda in the know how of what I'd like to do next. you got the inside scoop ;)

I don't mean to come off too forward or blunt but thats sometimes how I am. And lately I've been conflicted with how everyone else's pricing goes. It defeats me. I don't know where to stand and It stresses me out. My friend @spruttz brought up an amazing example of the ridiculous pricing and how spiteful it is to see.

Forgive my b.s. But Miles griptape, I've never ridden it, I've never even seen it personally so I can't say much about the grippiness of the grip or whatever. But GODDAMN this is such a fucking stain to me. $80 fucking dollars for a Myriad Pro font single color embroidery. ITS A SCAM. and orange? nah..barf... pass. I'd feel like a thief selling a hoodie like that for that much. Don't get me wrong I would sell a hoodie for over $100 if the work is there and its definitely fair for the effort I put into it. But for a single color embroidery that's just an abomination. No thought, no talent, no nothing. such a large waste of fabric and space. it pains me to see.

I'm passionate about these things cause I am involved somewhat. I take notice to them let's just say. I wanna price my things at what I think is fair but after seeing a price like this my hoodie should be like $150. Obviously I don't charge that but hole-lee-FUCK. It's down right a spit in the face to all real designers, all artists, all real creators. Oh and if you buy it you're a dumbass. BTW im only talking about their over priced hoodie not their griptape. go buy their griptape an let me know how it is.

With that being said I'd like to add to the confliction I have with pricing by bringing up the All Over Print t-shirt. I've learned my lesson before with my first AOP endevour. And what I learned is....No one gives a shit about how hard you worked on something or how long it took you. They just don't. It doesn't matter to them. They only care about the look of the garment. So when some one sees a t-shirt for a $100 with more substance and more design and more personability why is it so god awfully outlandish? But $80 for a miles griptape hoodie sounds reasonable? Its all a facade, a gimmick. They got a fucking skate team and a money printing machine behind them.

With all that being said Stunt is big enough to compete and small enough to care. Free stickers and patches and ninjas and whatever else I feel like throwing in the packages for evreyone. That's how I always hoped it'd be. I remember when I was younger and ordering off of skatepark of Tampa more often I crossed my fingers and put a spoon under my pillow in hopes that they would throw in a free sheet of griptape or wax or something but no! fucking stingy scumbags. It's like they didn't care about my order. Well look how the tables have turned. Now I'm doing orders and I'm putting shit in that I had hoped for. WHY? because I care goddamnit! your money is literally how I can get more things done. SO I wanna give more back in the most efficient and friendly way possible. And I will carry the freebies for as long as I can. sometimes I run out of some things.

Anyway this is a long one huh? ima wrap it up. if you made it this far you will be rewarded with early ideas of my pricing coming up.

AOP.- $75-$90

Jabronie's- 3 for $30

big enough to compete small enough to care!

-image of fear

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