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Hi! hello! and Bonjour to those who tune into my personal crawl space of the vast world wide web. Here is where I can say whatever I want cause goddamnit I paid for this website! Anywho, As I've been making things and printing for the past 4 years I find that I am not really focusing on t-shirts and clothes so much or at least printing on them. Now I don't want anyone to get confused. I'm not gonna stop printing t-shirts, I just want to treat somethings not so much as a "brand" because I'M not a brand I'm a person. I skate on the weekends, I work a day job, I watch cartoons religiously AND Fortunately enough I make enough to get by ok and I'm self sustaining. I feel like it's a sin to say that and maybe too open but like I said before this is my cyber-dairy and I'm writing what I think and feel.

I hope to pursue this. whatever this is, to the fullest extent. I want to screen print a fucking Billboard Goddamnit. I wanna brew my own beer and screenprint the labels! I want to print the felt of a pool table! I want to make furniture! lamps! Curtains! I wanna make school supplies like binders and folders with my graphics, A notebook with some sick mini games in the inside folds like a fill in the blanks about calling your teacher a funny name, or connecting the dots. Thats the type of stuff I always wanted to see in my notebooks at school when I was growing up. (side note: I filled an entire 200 page fivestar college ruled notebook front to back with weapons/ anything that can be used as a weapon. I took me all 6th grade year shit was dope!)

But, BUt, bUt!! there is always a but isn't there ;) You need capital to pursue the things you want to do. Plain in simple its written across the board world wide. Money spins the goddamn marble doesn't?! It does. And because of that I have no choice but to become affluent in some way or maybe have just enough captial for the next endevour I want to pursue.

I'm writing this for my own well being and invite anyone else to read if they like. I think everyone should have a journal or doodle pad to jot things down on. I keep a small one in my back pocket :) putting things down on paper or typing can help things become concrete. anyone having aspirations shouldn't be doubted. Not to get all inspirational guru on you but, Yeah do whatever the fuck you want! If someone can make a self landing rocket I'm pretty sure I can make my own vending machine.

I know this blog is a little long but I have a lot to say. I don't mean to come off as pretentious or forward but I feel certain I can do all the things I dream of.

Always have something to look forward to :)

- image of fear

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25 juin 2021

dope dude!!


Isabella Panasci
Isabella Panasci
25 juin 2021

\M/ \m/ \m/ keep writin - insane izzzz

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