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Hi! I'm not sure who I'm talking to really but I feel like I should utilize this blog feature I guess I paid for when I made this website...Anywho. I would like to use this space as anything really like maybe a clear diary per se. I don't really have a purpose for this blog but I do find it funny how many "clothing brands" there are. I cringe saying those two words. of course I am all for creativity and being able to express your message and whatnot don't get me wrong but almost everyone has "merch" (another word I despise). It so excessive and unnecessary. But I am completely guilty too cuz I'm doing the same damn thing but I'd like to say maybe a bit different? I am going to repeat this so its concrete. I don't consider STUNT a clothing company. I don't make the t-shirts. I don't make the hoodies. I don't make the belts. All I do is make graphics and t-shirts happen to be the most effective way to display those graphics because they are functional and you get use out of them and maybe feel a bit "cooler" when you're rocking something you think looks dope. SO! once again I don't make any clothes. I make graphics and I screen print on them. You think I could get away with only printing pieces of paper and posters? no body gives a shit about those types of prints cuz there's only one thing you can do with them. And that's hang em' up and stare at them. BORING! so fucking boring. I will always make posters every now and again because the craft is cool, fun and fulfilling to do. but making it happen on prints alone isn't gonna make it happen if y'know what im saying? I know that there is a lot more I hope I am able to do. T-shirts and hoodies are just an accessible entry way into making more cool things :) As far as clothing brand ehhh... sorta I guess. if I get there, like to that point where stuff is getting outsourced cut and sewn the whole nine yards then yeah I'd take a crack at actually making a garment(s). But I am not there yet so I don't really care to think about that stuff. not to mention order minimums are like 300-500 of something. its just too much im still a small fry. But rest assured


man oh man I could go on forever but ill save it for another blog post :)

if you read this thank you.

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