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My Poster Manifesto

Where to begin..where to begin...? Well first off I'd like to say or at least explain the way I treat stunt365. I see it as my outlet and a visual diary as well as being able to type things onto this blog without being censored in a way I guess? like a place of my own. Even if no one reads them, I would still type them. Likewise with Screenprinting. I would do it until the stacks of un-bought t-shirts piles on top of me and I suffocate and die. That being said I'd like to address the posters!

I enjoy printing and posters are something special because they're sooo old school! water based ink, and letting each color dry, lining up the screens by hand (or at least the way I do it) The process is sooo dope! its giving me butterflies just thinking about it! But there is a reason why the digital printer was invented. The process takes soo fricken long.

Sure I could just print out a couple hundred posters with 3 different designs and 8 different colors but where is the fun in that?! who the fuck wants to watch a printer print? I feel as though seeing an actual person create something is genuine and special in a way. And also...It's goddamn art. BUT WAIT! before you start jumping the gun. yeah yeah yeah.. whatever andy warhol ok...ok... I gotcha. I admire the guy, hes cool. I don't know much about him but obviously he's a famous screen printing artist who popularized mass quantity of prints. (side note: it's a personal goal of mine to buy one of his prints) ANYWHO! I'm not claiming the title of artist or whatever but the things I make, and my line of work is somewhat artistic.

I hope that one day my prints are looked at as art and not just a poster. And I hope I will expand into more complex screenprints aside from stunt. I believe the amount of time I spend is worth the amount I will be posting them for because thats how much they are worth to me. even if no one buys them. There will be less than 10 printed so I think quantity is also worth something. I also don't see many screen printed poster options out there, I mean I know they are out there but I don't see as many as I liked to. it's a dying art :( oh well I guess that's all folks. there weren't enough "F" words in this one. god fucking damnit! teehee xD

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dude you rock! printing is the fucking best and so satisfying when you get it right and you rule at it. love reading your posts and seeing what you create cuz every time you do it makes me wanna flick on the yellow light and burn a screen!!

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Jun 18, 2021

these posts are super inspiring and i can relate to many opinions you have on art and screen printing! post more of these stunt! <3

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