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Attention to all DM's as of now

DM's are sick cuz its basically a built in snapchat with out all the bullshit. BUT! I would like to use this space to explain how I feel about them. I read all of them and see all your kind words and they all mean so much! as well as your questions or requests for a graphic again or a color way. Or if anyone has any questions about screen printing and stuff like that. I have the perfect space for you! Please email me at its a lot easier for me to track. DM's get lost down the line and users sometimes don't have their actual name in their bio so there have been times where I can't contact someone back. Jah feel me? so once again ! oh and I rock Ben Davis pants 34x32 for the 20+ people asking me ;D

p.s. tell your shops about me xD

-image of fear

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